Fusion School of Football provides football coaching in Wellington, targeted at kids aged between 7 and 14 years.  

We offer a unique blend of coaching that uses different methods and techniques from around the world, providing players with an interesting fun interactive experience. All while they learn the beautiful game that is football.


Photography on this site is all courtesy of Rocky Jones and Paul Hodgson.



  • To provide a professional and innovative football school recognised, within the communities we operate, for delivering best in breed youth football development programs in NZ.
  • To develop the technical ability of NZ youth footballers to enable them to succeed at the highest level possible; locally, professionally and internationally.

OUR mission

  • To provide an environment that is innovative and fun which inspires players to learn, be the best they can be. 
  • To nurture and develop players to enable them to grow a lifelong love for the beautiful game. 
  • Promote a healthy competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, mateship and lifelong skills.
  • Ensure that every player develops a positive self image. 
  • To increase youth participation in football and to improve and develop the potential of youth players.
  • Support the community and its people whilst fostering a community-wide support for youth soccer.


  • Fusion provides after school football clinics year round that are based on improving both the technical ability and football knowledge of each individual player.  
  • Our sessions are designed to be intensive and fun while focussing on the  development of each players ball skills, technical ability and confidence.
  • The Fusion programme has been developed to help promote the creative talents of each player, improve individual player performance and ultimately enhance their love for the game.
  • The methods we use are proven worldwide and will enable your child to  compete at the highest level.



All sessions are focused around three core pillars ;

  •  Ball Mastery
  •  Technical Application
  •  Knowledge of the game (general, styles, nutrition)

All training sessions and drills are ball intensive.

We adopt different football styles from around the world during our training, to vary players technique and skills and enhance their general football development.


Sessions include:

  • Ball Mastery including basic control and dribbling skills 
  • Developing technical abilities such as passing and shooting 
  • Small sided games of varying types 


Training days/times:

Sunday mornings - 9:30am - 11:00am

(Training days/times may change subject to numbers.)


We currently train once a week in central Wellington during each school term.