Fusion School of Football (FSOF) focuses on individual development of young players.  Our training is unique in that we adapt and fuse football styles and techniques from around the world to improve a players style, while providing a well rounded appreciation and understanding of the game.
Our training model consists of three key elements; 
1. Ball Mastery (building foundation skills)
2. Football techniques, conditioning and improving player confidence levels
3. Game knowledge (game strategy, game awareness)
Our training methods are intensive, challenging but are always fun. They are designed to leverage the players talent and nurture their personal qualities, which will benefit the player both on and off the pitch.


Our Expectations



Player Behaviour (CLAS)

We expect all players to come to each session;

  •  ready to commit to their training (C) 
  •  ready to listen (L) 
  •  with the right attitude (A) 
  •  ready to learn new skills (S) 


We believe that fostering these behaviours and encouraging these attitudes early on not only allows for  interactive, fun and focused sessions, but ensures players are well positioned for any future challenges they may face on and off the pitch.


What do you need to bring along each session

  • A focussed and determined attitude 
  • Fusion training shirt
  • Playing gear including shinpads and boots
  • Indoor footwear, pref Turf shoes
  • Your own football
  • Drink bottle and energy bar
  • Homework folder (if assigned)



Per Term : Current fees are $140

1 x 1hour 30min sessions/wk per school term